PASADENA, CA – 08-02-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Press Release is now one of the most powerful tools for reaching as well as engaging audiences across the web. There are even numerous ways on how individuals can use press release in reaching their target audience effectively and in no time. Clients who are looking for affordable plans and press release distribution offers can now turn to Easy Newswire. The Easy Newswire now offers more affordable plans which are lot cheaper than PR Newswire and

When talking about the affordable plans offered by Easy Newswire, many individuals will surely be happy to find out about their highly affordable pricing. It has been found out that the cost of premium plans offered by Easy Newswire is more affordable. It has been found out that Premium Plus offer costs $999. IReach WebrReach Plus costs $399 and PR Newswire’s Single PR Distribution costs $790 while the Premium Plan offer of Easy Newswire only cost $129. So by just merely looking on these comparisons, it is just fair to say that Easy Newswire offers the most affordable PR Distribution option.

Easy Newswire also offers clients with Cloud Release PR Distribution wherein they leverage on exclusive cloud computing technology in allowing press release to be effective, reliably and safely distributed to their top tier news network. Aside from providing clients with affordable PR distribution, Easy Newswire also helps them turn their stories to great news. Easy Newswire is proven to be the most up to date and reliable media contacts with quick access to more than 850,000 journalists all across 120,000 and more media outlets fully dedicated to publish news story for the entire world to see.

Without spending that much on PR distribution, individuals can now reach and then connect with most influential wide range of audience on the web. With Easy Newswire’s exclusive news distribution platform online, individuals can easily get direct exposure and significantly increase their online presence.

Individuals are advised to take advantage of Easy Newswire’s affordable plans and get their press release to each corner of the world through the company’s PR distribution. Reaching target audience should not really be ultimately expensive. Affordable PR distribution is now made possible and available by Easy Newswire.

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