NEW YORK, NY – 07-31-2017 (Press Release Jet) — BONBON Networks, a hot-new multi-channel media network allows premium content creators a platform for their shows with syndication on 30 top OTT Networks.

The OTT industry is one of the hottest markets around for content distribution. It can also be one of the most difficult to break into and TV Personality and Founder of the multi-channel network, BONBON Networks, has cracked the code on getting premium video content distributed.

“Three years ago, I started a talk show on a local cable channel in New York City. From the first show, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life, and spent the next two years securing distribution on multiple media outlets. We grew from one channel, to four, then 7, 10, 20 and now 30. The media deals I struck, at first were with individual networks, but as the years went on, some brought very hard to reach partnerships like SONY, SAMSUNG, SHARPE, AMAZON, APPLE TV and ROKU. The beginning of year three, with production cost skyrocketing, on a run one day, it hit me, the value was in the distribution.” Said Founder, Bonnie Bruderer

It was at this point, BONBON Networks launched the multi-channel media network ( with instant syndication on 30 OTT networks for all shows. This allows for premium content creators to have a channel for their shows and have immediate syndication. This solves the time, access, financial output and viewership issues a content creator would face if they tried to go it alone.

BONBON Networks is live, with 42 Channel Partners and is currently seeking new content creators to join the movement. They focus on premium content in lifestyle, inspiration and entrepreneurship.


BONBON Networks is a multi-channel media network, with syndication on 30 OTT Networks. They allow for premium content creators in lifestyle, inspiration and entrepreneurship to have a show, with immediate syndication on 30 top OTT outlets. They are currently seeking new channel partners at:

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Company Name: BONBON Networks
Full Name: Bonnie Bruderer
Phone: 4153025263
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