COLUMBUS, OH – 07-29-2017 (Press Release Jet) — The Columbus Daily Crier, sometimes referred to as or just Columbus Breaking News, is a local news website offering national and local news in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus Breaking News syndicates news release directly from Perpetual Wire, the world’s leading digital provider of news-related content; and offers the ability for residents to send in local news in their neighborhood and community.

Columbus Breaking News also provides real time weather informationincluding to the minute temperature, wind speed and precipitation data for both residents residing in Columbus and those whom plan to travel to Ohio. Columbus Breaking News also includes weekly weather forecasts to help plan ahead.

The local news website also includes live traffic data from multiple data sources including Waze and Google Maps, providing the most accurate, up-to-date traffic information. Columbus Breaking News includes Satellite Traffic maps along with Transit layer maps and even Bicycling layer maps to help our eco-friendly residents. 

In addition to the latest local news in Columbus, The Columbus Daily Crier also provides the latest news in Sports, Business and Science & Technology. You can visit The Columbus Daily Crier at

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