Bella Vista, New South Wales — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 09/28/2017 — Belle Fever has made it possible for users to easily find thoughtful gifts for their loved ones with its collection of Name Necklaces that are high on quality and style as well.

There are few people in life that one wants to cherish, treasure and value. People want to make them feel truly special and let them know how much their presence means to them. It could be on their birthdays, anniversaries, other special occasions or just any other day. If users want to bring a smile to their loved ones’ faces with thoughtful gifts, then these personalised necklaces are just the right option for them.

Belle Fever has created a name for itself on the back of its high quality, stylish jewelry collection that has found takers amongst users all over the world. They keep coming back to the store for more because the personalised custom jewelry stands out from the mass produced options one usually finds in the market. The unique handcrafted jewelry at the store is beautifully designed to be signature pieces for the wearer.

And now users can put their name on it to make a truly unique statement. Or get them as thoughtful gifts for their friends and family. This Personalised Name Necklace can be perfect gift for every occasion. Users will also be pleased to find that they have myriad options in front of them when it comes to these necklaces. They can have them designed in different shapes and styles to suit their particular tastes.

In fact one of the highlights of the jewelry items at Belle Fever is that they can be fully personalised. Users have the option of designing each character and symbol just the way they want. It is then inscribed and enameled by hand so that it lasts for long. These customized pieces are also hypoallergenic and do not tarnish. Made out of exclusive materials, they are solid, strong and at least 1.5 mm thick. That’s why they make visually stunning gifts that are treasured forever.

About Belle Fever
Established in 2012, the family run Australian company has consistently produced top quality, unique jewelry that has found more than 100,000 takers till date.

Media Contacts:
Email: [email protected]
Address: Belle Fever, Level 5, No 4 Columbia Court, Bella Vista NSW 2153 Australia

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