“While ETI continues to expand its offerings within the defense community, our focus remains on providing our long-time customers with the finest products and support possible,” commented Bill McLendon, President and CEO of ETI Tech.

In addition to providing quality products to their customers, ETI Tech’s patriotic values have lent to their strong relationships with the U.S. government and the defense community. CEO Bill McLendon has been part of this community since he served as an Air Force pilot.

“We are very proud to support our war fighters in the C-5 program; a critical element in our nation’s strategic airlift capability,” said McLendon.

With its expertise in the aerospace and defense industry, Simon Group Holdings acquired ETI Tech in February of 2017 with the intention of growing the company exponentially.

“Bill’s service to our country as well as his extensive experience in the aerospace industry, made him uniquely qualified to lead ETI Tech. We were confident that the company could grow while maintaining the exceptional quality, on-time delivery and customer commitment ETI is known for,” commented Sam Simon, Founder and CEO of Simon Group Holdings.

About ETI Tech

Founded in 1996, ETI is a leading provider of more than 200 flight hardware parts for military aircraft and ground support equipment for the aerospace defense industry for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts, and unmanned aerial vehicles, including the F-35, C-130, F-16 and C-5B, among others. ETI was awarded by Lockheed Martin in 2012, 2013 and 2015 for their outstanding supplier relationship as well as superior quality and delivery ratings. As a Simon Group Holdings (SGH) company, ETI Tech lends to SGH’s expertise within the aerospace and defense industry.

About Simon Group Holdings

Simon Group Holdings (SGH) was created in 1985 with the founding of Atlas Oil Company by Sam Simon. SGH has 120 companies and direct investments, 3,000 customers and 1,000 employees. Its growth is fueled through digital disruption and by investing in operationally experienced entrepreneurs who have a vision and hunger to reinvent their respective industries. SGH has interests in comprehensive energy solutions; fuel supply; oil field services; logistics and transportation; real estate; private equity; technology services; aerospace and defense; and turnkey modular solutions.

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