Unless we can get people prepared to change “how we’ve always done things,” then the industry is doomed to remain wasteful and inefficient, and unattractive to new recruits.

Press Release updated: Sep 29, 2017 08:39 EDT

GenieBelt, who make construction management software and apps, announce their interview with industry experts about the successful future of construction. The experts agreed, software in the construction industry is improving efficiency, communication and reducing errors. To be successful in the 21st century it is imperative for construction businesses to work with digital tools and use them better than their competitors.  

The experts were asked questions including:

How has software improved the construction industry?

As well as ‘productivity’, ‘efficiency’ was a key word that stood out when talking about the effects of software in the industry.

Software has greatly improved efficiency and reduced the amount of errors that typically occurs in the industry prior to the introduction of software” – Robert Yuen, Co-Founder of Monograph.io.

How has disruptive technology changed construction?

According to several of the experts, by using digital tools on the market, companies have a better chance of increasing productivity.

Poor productivity has been a nagging problem in construction for many years. Disruptive technologies can change how we do business and lead to huge improvements in productivity” – Aarni Heiskanen, Managing Partner at AE Partners.

Find out what else the experts were saying here.

GenieBelt is a startup company that offers project management software for the construction industry, and is improving the way construction companies communicate and organise themselves. GenieBelt is proud to be in the construction industry and you can read more about this on their blog. You can also book a demo today to see and find out what GenieBelt is all about.  


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