Airing “Glitched” on High Fidelity sets a precedence for virtual reality-based shows to be ordered like TV shows or web series.

Press Release updated: Oct 19, 2017

Eugene Capon, VR Evangelist and “Glitch” show host, recently found a place for his virtual reality (VR) talk show after social VR network High Fidelity ordered six episodes. “Glitched” formally debuted on the VR social network AltspaceVR and ran until the network was shut down in early Aug. 2017. “Glitched” lasted five months and highlighted several different guests. Capon will reprise his role of show host with online personality Topher Welsh reprising his role as co-host.

“We are excited to bring our VR show ‘Glitched’ to the High Fidelity audience,” says Capon. “After spending five months refining the show, we were devastated when AltSpaceVP went under, and we had to find a new home for the show. We couldn’t have been happier when High Fidelity reached out with the offer to purchase six episodes, and we look forward to relaunching the show.” 

“Glitched” will start streaming in mid-November, bringing in a variety of media influencers and notable VR talent. Episodes will be live in High Fidelity and available on various social networks tied to the Capon Design brand, a production company founded and owned by Capon. 

Fans interested in watching “Glitched” can login to High Fidelity from Steam to join the live audience. Episode times and dates will be made available closer to the show dates.

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