World Food & Agricultural Products E-Commerce Conference 2017

World Food & Agricultural Products E-Commerce Conference 2017

World Food and Agricultural Products E-Commerce conference was held on 23rd September, 2017 at Shandong, China. Representatives from United States, Russia, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Pakistan and a few other countries participated in a discussion about improving cross border business with the help of food and agriculture products.
Song Chengmin, director of the editorial department of the National Development and Reform Committee said that the cross-border ecommerce may encounter 14 difficulties: online language, offline logistics, customs, inspection and quarantine, tax rate, exchange rate, finance, culture, law, economy, diplomacy etc.

Representing eWorldTrade from Pakistan, Mr. Latif participated in the discussion with other famous ecommerce personalities. In his speech, he emphasized how big of an agricultural country Pakistan really is, with many producers and suppliers of food and crops and the agricultural industry contributing to over 24% of its GDP.
He elucidated the impact that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor would have on the food and agricultural industry. Importing and exporting would become much easier and allow for lower costs and higher profits. It would also strengthen the cooperation between China and Pakistan and create room for future collaborations.

A 2017 survey showed that 66% of the world’s online shopping groups are completely on board with cross-border ecommerce. Founder and CEO of Buddicart in Malaysia, Vincent Cheong, said that in the last 20 years, the institutional investment has even many small and medium sized businesses the opportunities to flourish.
eWorldTrade’s China Sales Head, Li Tingting said, “to successfully export and import products, the supplier should go deep into the local area, understand the culture, and know what the local consumer really needs and can be exported to China in combination with importing China’s products.” Quality control would also play an important part in cross-border ecommerce especially when it comes to agricultural products.

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