Alex Fork the visionary and founder of Humaniq, is taking over as chief executive of the disruptive startup. After 1 year the organisation is taking a new direction of expansion and is preparing to launch its new mobile app.

Dinis Guarda, Humaniq’s former CEO, has stepped down as chief executive and will take up a new role in another business. Having successfully led the company through the dynamic start up phase, the appointment of founder Alex Fork as chief executive will see the company build on this foundation and continue towards its vision of providing services for the unbanked.

Dinis Guarda was appointed as an interim CEO on a short-term contract, assigned with establishing a strong and stable basis for Humaniq, to be followed-up by the company’s founders.

During this period of transition, I am sure Alex Fork will lead Humaniq while undertaking all appropriate precautionary measures to ensure company growth and continue with the international pilots that were started by me and my team, said Mr. Guarda. Alex is a hard worker, with a big vision who will use his digital skills, business acumen and ability to bring people together to great effect. His vision and passion for how blockchain and biometric technologies will be put to mass usage around the world is exactly what Humaniq needs as the organisation enters its next chapter of scaled product development and growth.

Mr. Guarda will continue supporting Humaniq “in establishing technology and product trajectory”, a Humaniq representative said. Mr. Guarda championed the FinTech startup on the notion that if the technology was excellent, the rest would certainly follow. It was a tactic that worked well, enabling Humaniq to set up partnerships with numerous companies and several FinTech influencers globally, including ThinkRise and Level 39, while discussions with other key market players relating to future partnerships continue. This tactic also enabled Humaniq to launch a successful pilot in Ghana, Africa with 2000 KYC and AML compliant participants.

Mr. Fork will now focus on making Humaniq more competitive in the increasingly exciting blockchain space by enhancing innovation, partnerships and amplifying confidence in Humaniq’s potential.

In a special comment, Alex Fork thanked Dinis for his dedication, hard work and professional excellence in building Humaniq to what it is today. He went on to state We have an enormous opportunity and thats exciting. Im also appreciative of our challenges. In fact these impediments combined with my vision, competitive energy and the opportunity provided to me, motivates me to continue to build on Humaniqs success to ensure we deliver on our promises.

About Us
Humaniq increases global financial inclusion by providing new services to the unbanked based on blockchain technology and biometric identification. With this new mobile digital economy, Humaniq aims to help people break free from poverty and improve their lives, and support the shift into the crypto-economy.

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