PHILADELPHIA, PA, October 21, 2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Fall is finally upon us and we here at Delta Auto Protect are excited to celebrate National Car Care Month by offering our readers a simple maintenance checklist that will help them get their vehicles ready for the colder weather.

Antifreeze – No fall/winter car care checklist would be complete without checking your antifreeze levels. While it is true that oil can get gummy in the cold, water can freeze. If the water in your engine freezes, you engine freezes over too. Checking and replenishing the antifreeze is one of the easiest routine maintenance practices for car owners and most are more than capable of doing it in their own driveway.

Tire Pressure – Air thins out and condenses as the weather gets colder, and this includes the air that is inside of your tires. Even if you made sure to properly inflate your tires just a few months ago they can be significantly lower by the winter. This makes October a prime time to pick up a pressure gauge, check their levels, and inflate tires to the proper PSI if necessary.

Brakes – You’re going to want to make sure your brakes are in peak condition when the temperature starts dropping, and even more so before winter hits. If you have noticed a weird sound while applying your brakes, like screeching or squeaking, then it is time to have a professional take a look at them. The same applies if you have noticed your cars stopping power has decreased.

Tire Tread – Much like your brakes, your car’s tires need to be in just as good of condition when heading into a season that brings harsher driving conditions. Checking the treads of your tires is actually quite simple to do at home. Take a penny and insert it into the groove into your tire’s tread with Lincoln’s head upside down. If his head disappears into the groove, you’ve got enough tread left on your tires.

Heater & Defroster – During the warmer months you can get by without the need for a properly functioning heater/defroster. As it gets colder, you will need to rely on these features much more. Taking a moment this month to make sure these systems are still functioning as they should will save you from potentially uncomfortable and even dangerous driving conditions as the temperature continues to drop.

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